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W. W. Norton—Prospero

UX · W. W. Norton & Co, Inc · 2017

Over the years, W. W. Norton has produced a large variety of ebooks, quizzes, media, and additional content for books across many disciplines. Prospero allows editors and instructors to leverage this material by creating custom assignments and fine-tune it to fit their teaching style.


We conducted several information-gathering meetings in which we sat down with editors from various disciplines to learn how instructors used the materials in their classrooms.

Stakeholders provided a list of content types they hoped to support in the Prospero product. By reviewing this content, we were able to come up with questions relating to how instructor use the various types of content as learning tools for their students. We assumed that the objectives an instructor has for a psychology course would be vastly different from those of a music instructor, but were also very curious if there were similarities.


We had a pretty good idea of where we wanted our designs to go after creating a workflow that includes both creating new and editing existing Prospero Assignments. Stakeholders had requested a linear workflow, but we realized that our users would need the ability to move around freely within the assignment editor. We wanted users to mix and match this content, so why not let them choose the order they added it to their assignment?

We created a design that is flexible and allows the user choose how to author or edit their assignments. Hopefully, this means that Prospero is powerful for instructors with many different teaching styles.


After meeting with the stakeholders, we were able to sort out the required steps into the following workflow. It covers creating a new assignment, editing an existing assignment, and using a pre-made assignment.

First Wireframes

Editorial Screens